• Mision
  • The main objective of Tourism and Hotel Management Program in Turkey and world tourism theoretical knowledge and industry experience needed, as required by the profession and the computer is able to use a foreign language, analytical thinking and problem solving skills gained in the world and Turkey / follow the developments in the tourism sector, which adopted the principle of lifelong learning, tourism operators have the characteristics of middle-level management, production processes could act on its behalf intermediate elements and to train qualified human resources management might.

  • Vision
  • National and international context, recognition and awareness programs, projects, international co-operation agreements with the European Union and improve the quality of teaching staff and students in the program, various inputs (introductory, lecture notes, etc.). Provide a variety of agreements and projects in the tourism sector in close cooperation with a variety of program provide inputs, the program of cooperation by graduates of the program to increase the quality of employment in the sector of Tourism and Hotel Management Program graduates are making efforts to improve distance learning and continuing education to the preparatory work, the program to keep abreast of relevant technologies and automation systems, contribute to the development of the program.

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