Bologna Information System

  • Mision
  • The goal of this program is to graduate students who are capable in social and technical matters and who could solve environmental and forestry problems, use their knowledge for management and protection of forest resources.

  • Vision
  • Development of estimate and early warning systems in order to minimize disease, pest, weed and fire damage in forests. Supporting plantation forestry by aid of appropriate species selection after soil analysis with regard to the soil which is the main material in forest ecosystems. Development of methods for sustainable forest management. Development of current laboratories for identification of disease, pest and both flora and fauna. Preparation of suitable environment for learning and practise for graduate students. Conducting research projects which fund internationally. Presenting scientific data to academic community by attending both national and international symposiums. Development of studies regarding forest establishment, care and management. Development of plans and programs for removal of forest products out with the best method and technique. Contributions to national flora with floristic studies; presenting new species, subspecies and varieties to scientific community.

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