Bologna Information System

  • Mision
  • The aim of the Department of Nursing Undergraduate Program individual, family and community health protect, develop and all kinds of healthy individuals or patients able to identify the needs of nursing care, evidence-based practices in the light of contemporary health care services, scientific and ethical values in accordance with a universal offer; educational , researcher, administrator and an educational institution is to train qualified nurses, managers and leaders.

  • Vision
  • Graduates; 1.To use professional knowledge and skills the highest level of delivering preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care services, 2.Preference priority of work related to health areas 3.To contribute to health care, fulfill the role and functation of practitioners, trainers, managers and researchers, efficiently and effectively as a member of the health 4.Track, evaluate, use and can share scientific platforms of theoretical and practical current information innovation and developments in the field of health, 5.Take an active role in which national and international institutions and organizations services appropriate, adequate and quality education, research, implementation and consulting to increase level of the health and awareness of the community

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