• Mision
  • The students, successfully complete economy, statistic, social-psychology in the first year of their programs to form the basis of subjects, are able to get the opportunity to strengthen their abilities by taking the building block courses, which are marketing, production, finance and accounting next two years. The final stage consisted of synthesis and specialization is to enrich the students’ strategic and analytical thinking abilities. The students can pick the courses among the contemporary fields of business administration , which they want to specialize on such as international business management, general management, entrepreneurship and family businesses management, finance, and quantitative analysis, value chain management and marketing and innovation management.

  • Vision
  • The business administration program, offers five different modules including general business, finance and quantitative analysis, accounting and auditing, international business management, marketing and innovation aims to prime the graduates to the dynamic sector providing the highest level of income and happiness in business life.

    Our graduates may have the opportunities to work at the establishments and organizations below:

    • Commercial Banks
    • Auditing Firms
    • Small and medium sized enterprises
    • National and International Holdings, Business Groups and Corporates
    • Consultation Firms
    • World Bank, IMF and IFC 
    • Capital Markets Board of Turkey, BRSA, Central Bank
    Public Accountants, Administrative Judges, Inspectors, Specialists, Supervisors, And The Controller (In the event of passing the exams of related establishments, organizations.)

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