Bologna Information System

  • Mision
  • 1. I- To give technical knowledge and skillson planning, design, implementation and management processes for understanding,analyze and find solutions of Landscape Architecture problems.

    2. II- To undertake the tasks, as a leader atthe national and international institutions and / or as members ofinterdisciplinary teams

    3. III-To acquire the ability to thinkscientifically, philosophy of lifelong learning and continuously develop andrenew themself

    4. IV- To teach theoretical and practicalmethods for relate to the scope of balance between protection and use ofnatural and cultural landscape features

  • Vision
  • The main issues oflandscape architecture education constitutes, aiming to create sustainable andhigh-quality venues structural and vegetative landscape designs and landscapeplanning studies based on the data analysis and assessments related to natural,cultural and socio-economic environment.

    The aim of the trainingprogram these basic issues, taking into consideration the realities of thecountry and needs, to educate individuals which qualified, talented,enterprising, dynamic and have knowledge-coordination base.

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