Bologna Information System

  • Mision
  • Current international developments gave rise both to globalisation and regionalism and therefore need for micro analysis and specialization significantly increased. International Relations discipline with its multidisciplinary characteristics requires a research structure which focuses to complex and multi-dimensional developments and problems clearly through regional and thematic studies.


    In this framework, main goal of International Relations Department is to enhance an approach which gives priority to “regional studies” and “specific thematic areas” in order to examine today’s multidimensional and multi-faceted international developments, problems and solutions. In this framework, our aim extends to meet the requirement for experts who follow regional and international developments closely, think analytically, combine theory and practice and produce effective solutions.

  • Vision
  • Main objective of our Department is provide a teaching programme for students aiming to specialize on specific regions and thematic areas, to learn about related region’s developments, problems and  enhance a solution to those problems and learn about the regions’s language.


    Our Department has a curriculum focusing on regional studies. Courses on Balkans, Caucasus, Central Asia, Europe, Middle East, Black Sea and the other regions constitute the basis of our curriculum. Our Students can prefer public institutions, as well as research centres, academia, local media, local administrations, civil society and private sector in their career planning.

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