Bologna Information System

  • Mision
  • To provide specialization on one or more topics of landscape planning, design, reclamation,management and plant material, to help to produce alternatives usingartistic-scientific methods related to the expertise area and developing skillsof analysis and synthesis. Besides,  to gain interdisciplinary study skills to students with professional ethic andsocial responsibility.

  • Vision
  • To constitute structural and vegetative landscaping design work which aims to themain subject of landscape architecture education, to create landscape planningstudies based on the analysis of data and evaluation related with natural,cultural and socio-economic environment and sustainable, high quality places. Thepurpose of the training program is to train individuals who have knowledge-basewith the inter-professional co-ordination, specializing in certain subjects,qualified, talented, enterprising, and dynamic taking into account therealities and requirements of country in these fundamental issues.

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