• Mision
  • The aim the program is to educate entrepreneurs who undertakeresponsibility as administrator assistant and mid-level administrator, is ableto use resources, time and workforce efficiently, command the basic principalof the administration, use the modern Technologies related to their fields,command the legislation related to their fields, is aware the legalresponsibility about their fields, cognize the documents used in commerciallife, have the knowledge that is necessary to pursue the economic operations,is capable to make research and development activities as an individual orgroup, open and run their own businesses and understand the importance ofProfessional ethics.

  • Vision
  • To educate the future business leaders who have the ability of problemsolving and analytical thinking, is able to be adapted the conditions ofbusiness life, can make decisions and apply these decisions correctly, have theleadership skills, specialize in the areas such as marketing, sales, humanresources and finance.

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