• Misyon
  • To research and to provide education on the utilization of foodstuffs, the protection of quality and quantity of food resources, the processing of food raw materials in company with fundamental engineering knowledge and in accordance with standards without losing their nutritional value, producing healthy variety of foods by means of quality assurance and proper storage.

  • Vizyon
  • 1-To contribute to improving foodscience, food technology and food safety.

    2-To train students to produce safe foods of World class standarts, be able to integrate our traditional values with universal values, to gain knowledge  and  the ability to develop systems in food industry and to design new systems, to utilize our country’s  resources efficiently and manufacture quality products from quality raw materials, have knowledge, skill and character to produce foods that provide healthy and  adequate human nutrition

    3-To increase quality and productivity by developing a cooperation between the university and food industry.To give students proper education considering needs and  deficiencies of food industry.  

    4-To take part in a World-class academic level through the scientific research conducted.

    5-To conduct scientific studies suitable for today’s needs and share them with related cooperations and sectors.

    6-To foster awareness about the social mission by training students to be responsible and to make students aware that personal success can became general successs.

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