• Misyon
  • To identify all areas of development in need ofspecial education in accordance with the basic objectives of the TurkishNational Education System; providing services to the child, family, educatorand community; to train productive and innovative intermediate personnel whoare based on the benefit to human and environment, emphasize interdisciplinarystudies, construct working with national and international institutions andorganizations, gain participatory, sharing, critical thinking ability.


  • Vizyon
  • Promoting teamwork, having a participatory andparticipatory management, recognized by the quality of education, training andresearch and preferred in the first place, conducting studies to solve theproblems of our country and especially our country in the field of childdevelopment, pioneer in ensuring university / community cooperation, to be aleader educational institution that is respectful to universal values, capableof meeting the needs of the age, sensitive to public health, environmentalproblems and professional ethical responsibilities, having initiative, raisingintermediate staff.

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