Bologna Information System

  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Nu Program Learning Outcomes
    1 To solve problems, to have analytical and holistic viewpoint and to develop strategic thinking as a principle in the field of business administration
    2 To evaluate It is aimed to graduate students whom are able to critique what they have already learn in the field of management, adopting lifelong learning and continuously developing themselves
    3 It is aimed to graduate students whom are able to transfer their academic knowledge to organizational level and capable of expressing themselves regarding organizational problems both oral and written
    4 It is required to know and practice the quality and productivity principles of business life
    5 The students are required to understand the concepts and ideas of business in both national and multinational settings and practice cross disciplinary and comparative analysis
    6 Act and think with an innovative motive and able to apply the academic knowledge gain during new and unconventional occasions
    7 Acquiring leadership qualifications and applying them successfully.
    8 Working efficiently and effectively, learning how to be a team member, taking responsibilities, being open minded, constructive, vulnerable to criticism and having self confidence
    9 It is required to know the regional economic aspects and transfer the academic knowledge to real life with both national and international thinking
    10 Able to use computer programs and technology to an adequate level required by business practices.
    11 To know and apply the realities of business ethics and act according to social, scientific and ethical values under any circumstances such as data collection, evaluation, announcing and practicing
    12 Able to use a second foreign language for research, following publications and communication with foreign business administrators
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