• Program Yeterlilik Çıktıları
  • Nu Program Yeterlilik Çıktıları
    1 Gain structural and functional features of the human body
    2 Protect health apply security measures
    3 Evaluate the patient / wounded detect the problem
    4 Gives specific emergency care
    5 Uses materials and equipments of ambulance cares
    6 The patient / wounded goes over to the ambulance carries out the emergency care and delivers it to the healthcare establishment
    7 Follows scientific-technological developments related to emergency care services
    8 Scientific evaluation of patient / wounded treatment applied
    9 Provides scene vehicle and driving safety
    10 Contacts and intercommunication
    11 Makes team work with other units
    12 Communicates on foreign language
    13 Understand the basic professional legal provisions related to the field, act in accordance with the rights and responsibilities of the patient and himself / herself and adhere to professional ethical values. -
    14 Self-care, attitudes and behaviors make collecting an example. -
    15 Uses the language correctly
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