Bologna Information System

  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Nu Program Learning Outcomes
    1 They use research methods and techniques and theoretical information effectively on the basis of the knowledge they have gained in their areas.
    2 The education, teaching and experience they have gained in their fields are used to serve the community.
    3 They have the proficiency of working as a member of a team or individually within a project in their fields.
    4 They evaluate the information and findings obtained in their fields analytically.
    5 They share quantitative and qualitative data they have obtained from their studies in their field through a various means of communication.
    6 They take part in planning of different social, cultural and artistic activities.
    7 They follow theoretical and practical knowledge in other areas of sciences and humanities by using a foreign language and share this information with persons and organizations in related fields. (European Language Portfolio B1 General Level)
    8 They put ethical values into consideration in the process of sharing information in their fields.
    9 They make inter-disciplinary research and investigation in the field of humanities.
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