Bologna Information System

  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Nu Program Learning Outcomes
    1 Students can make designs by synthetising their knowledge about art and design.
    2 Students can establish a relationship between different disciplines of art and design.
    3 They can design a product/work or process that will meet the problems and requirements.
    4 They can comprehend the importance of lifelong learning and fulfill its requirements.
    5 They can identify and analyse art and design problems both at the local and global levels.
    6 They can establish a relationship between design techniques that had emerged in the history of art and design and the contemporary techniques.
    7 They can finalise a design by using necessary materials in the solution of art and design problems.
    8 They can carry out investigations, synthesis, evaluation and interpretation during the design process.
    9 They can analyse art and design problems.
    10 They can display sensitivity towards environment by selecting environment-friendly materials used in the design.
    11 They can follow current problems and produce designs in relation to these problems.
    12 They learn effective communication methods and can express themselves effectively.
    13 They have professional and ethical responsbility consciousnes in terms of intellectual properties.
    14 They know and apply methods, techniques and tools of graphic design.
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