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  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Nu Program Learning Outcomes
    1 Knowledge about concepts of management, marketing, business and economics in tourism and tourism guidance and concepts in history, geography, culture issues, principles and facts.
    2 Know and apply research methods in the field of tourism and tourism guidance.
    3 It has knowledge about legal regulations, professional standards, rights and obligations related to tourism guidance profession.
    4 Know the current problems related to tourism and tourism guidance; they may investigate these problems; conduct discussions; the analyst can approach the problems and produce solutions within the framework of science.
    5 The tour organization that enters the guidance field, the theoretical knowledge that is provided in the tour planning and management subjects is applied in the business environment.
    6 By studying the changes in tourism, new trends, new approaches, new marketing, business and management approaches, service processes can be followed and it can contribute enough.
    7 Information about tourism and tourist guidance can be transmitted verbally or in writing to interested or unrelated parties.
    8 In projects related to tourism and tourism guidance, it takes responsibility independently and works with others and works efficiently.
    9 It would develop a positive approach for learning all life long. In this context, it increases the professional knowledge and skills of the persons working with guidance; it also develops itself in a personal and professional sense.
    10 A foreign language communicates at least in writing and verbally at least at European Language Portfolio B1 General Level. In addition, he / she has enough knowledge of foreign language to be able to communicate.
    11 At least the European Computer Use License Advanced level of computer software and communication technology required by the field uses.
    12 The guidance profession has business ethics and fulfills its business within the laws required by its profession.
    13 It acts with the awareness that it has the protection of the social, natural and cultural environment, social rights, occupational health and safety.
    14 They pay attention to human health and hygiene, external appearance.
    15 Departmental research and interdisciplinary research.
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