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  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Nu Program Learning Outcomes
    1 Has advanced theoretical and practical knowledge, which would bring scientific approach supported by current course textbooks, application tools and devices and other sources, to the front.
    2 Gains the ability to make interdisciplinary work.
    3 Uses the theoretical and practical knowledge he obtains in the field of chemistry.
    4 btains ability to use the techniques and the modern devices in applied chemistry.
    5 Interprets and evaluates the data by using the advanced knowledge s/he has gained in the field of chemistry, describes and analyzes the problems in line with the current technologicak developments and progress and develops solutions based on research and facts.
    6 Has the ability to conceptualize the events and facts related with chemistry; investigates via scientific methods and techniques.
    7 Can design and make experiments fort o investigate the problems, collects data, analyzes and interprets the results.
    8 Can independently carry out an advanced work in the field of chemistry.
    9 Takes responsibility individually and as a member of the team fort o solve the unforseen complex problems encountered in the chemical practices.
    10 Evaluates the advanced knowledge and abilities s/he has obtained in the field of chemistry via critical approach.
    11 Uses time effectively in the process of deriving conclusions via his analytical thinking ability.
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