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  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Nu Program Learning Outcomes
    1 Explain the developmental and learning characteristics of the children along with developmental disorders and learning disabilities.
    2 Have the knowledge of fundamental and revised information which is necessary for the theoretical and practical field of child development by using the essential tools and resources for education.
    3 Have the knowledge of education programs, teaching methods, and techniques, assessment, and evaluation of child development.
    4 Have the knowledge to evaluate and interpret the accuracy, reliability, and validity of the information gained on child development.
    5 Design, perform and evaluate education programs considering children`s individual differences.
    6 Design, perform and evaluate education programs considering the developmental features and individual differences of children with special needs.
    7 Develop and practice appropriate strategies by using versatile approaches which involve children, families and educational institutions to reintegrate the children with individual differences in the society.
    8 Prepare education material and organize educational environment.
    9 Plan and implement novel projects and activities on child development, monitor and evaluate the process.
    10 Use efficient methods and techniques of teaching and communication used in guidance and counseling services for families.
    11 Take responsibility in individual and group studies to solve the encountered and unforeseen problems in the child development practices, offer solutions based on evidence and research.
    12 Aware of social, scientific, cultural and professional ethics value.
    13 Examine the facts and phenomena related to child development using scientific methods and techniques and propound the problems of the field.
    14 Review and evaluate the national and international literature about the interested field and develop a research proposal based on the literature review.
    15 Contact with people who work in child development related areas, share information with them, discuss the problems and offer solutions to the problems of the field.
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