Bologna Information System

  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Nu Program Learning Outcomes
    1 Containing up to date information in the field of chemistry textbooks, application tools and equipment and other resources to get to the forefront of scientific approach has advanced theoretical and practical knowledge.
    2 Advanced theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in the field of Chemical uses.
    3 Refreshes the information on the day, depending on the conditions.
    4 Using the data acquired in the advanced knowledge and skills in the field of Chemical reviews and evaluates, identifies problems in parallel up to date with technological developments, analyze, research and develop evidence-based solutions.
    5 Chemistry will have the ability to conceptualize events and facts related to the field, examines the scientific methods and techniques.
    6 Design and perform experiments to study the problems, collect data, analyze and interpret the results.
    7 An advanced independent study related to the field of chemistry are executed.
    8 Encountered in applications related to the field of chemistry to solve complex problems and unpredictable individual and as a team member takes responsibility.
    9 Under the responsibility of the employees within the framework of a project for the development of plans and manages events.
    10 Problems encountered in different disciplines related to the fields plays a role in the decision making process.
    11 Analytical thinking with the ability to use time effectively in the process of inference.
    12 Advanced knowledge and skills gained in the field of chemistry critically evaluate.
    13 Determine the learning needs and directed the learning guides.
    14 Develop a positive attitude towards lifelong learning.
    15 Is conscious of the need for life-long learning and continuously improve their professional knowledge and skills.
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