Bologna Information System

  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Nu Program Learning Outcomes
    1 To develop new knowledge accumulation on acquired graduate proficiency in economics and other disciplines at expertise level.
    2 To be able to contribute to the literature via developing consistent approaches on economic issues point of view analytical and scientific.
    3 To gain oral and written academic communication proficiency using foreign language.
    4 To use software packages (SPSS, E-views, etc.) used in analysing economic issues at advance level.
    5 To build models using numerical and graphical methods and to make empirical studies to test them.
    6 To have to be conscious of lifelong learning and inquiry
    7 To analyse how economic actors affect each other by examining their decision-making processes.
    8 To gain awareness of social, scientific and professional ethics.
    9 To have knowledge on theories and new approaches in the field of economics at advanced level.
    10 To gain ability to make academic studies in the fields of economics and interdisciplinary as individual and group.
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