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  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Nu Program Learning Outcomes
    1 Acquiring the basic concepts and field information on public administration in national and international level, law, politics, sociology, urbanization and environmental issues and to be able to follow the recent development in these areas.
    2 Having the ability to use the field related information in political and administrative fields; and using these for determining, defining and formulasing, solving current, local and global issues.
    3 Having the basic information on funtioning rules of relations between individuals and communities.
    4 Having the ability to do researches relateed to the field and choosing the right decision making techniques, analitic approaches and applying these.
    5 Having the basic knowledge in statistics and using softwares like SPSS and applying these to professional and academic studies.
    6 Having the required skills to work in different levels in human recources, public relations, fiancial administration and supervision fields of public instituions, private sector and NGO`s.
    7 Expressing his ideas in the level of acquired knowledge orally or in writing.
    8 Making interdisciplinary comments by relating to subsections of his field or other sciences and having and developing analitic skills.
    9 Having the ability to work in individually or in a team, having the responsibility and ability to solve issues in both individual and team levels.
    10 Having the ability to communicate effectively in Turkish and a professional reading skill in a foreign language.
    11 Having the necessary awarenss in issues of democracy, human rights, universality of social rights, quality, cultural values and protection of the environment.
    12 Acting ethically in means of communal, professiona and cultural values in the process of creating knowledge in his field.
    13 Being open to the change and development and having the awareness of lifelong learning and questioning.
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