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  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Nu Program Learning Outcomes
    1 Improves the recent and advanced knowledge in the field to the level of expertise using original thought and/or research, deepens it, and reaches to the original definitions to bring novelty to the field.
    2 Evaluates the expertise-level theoretical and applied knowledge, obtained in the biology field, by a systematic approach and uses it.
    3 Interprets the knowledge in the biology field combining the knowledge from different disciplines, and generates novel knowledge.
    4 Analyzes a problem in the biology field independently, generates a solution method, and solves the problem evaluating the data.
    5 Develops novel approaches intended for solutions against the possible problems of applications in the biology field, and generates solution taking the responsibility.
    6 Gains ability for evaluating the knowledge in the biology field with a critical point of view, and for directing the learning.
    7 Follows the recent developments in the biology field and in own study, also transfers own studies systematically to the groups in the field and out-groups by written, verbal and visual means.
    8 Examines the social relations and the standards directing these relations by a critical aspect, and when needed, makes contributions to improve these standards.
    9 Follows the knowledge in the biology field using a foreign language, communicates verbally and in writing.
    10 Uses software, information and communication technologies required for the biology field, and reaches to the scientific resources in this way.
    11 Develops strategy, policy and application plans for the topics related with the biology field, and manages the data obtained evaluating them within the framework of quality processes.
    12 Supervises and checks the social, scientific, cultural and ethical values at the stages of collection, interpretation, application and announcement of the data related with the biology field.
    13 Identifies the interdiciplinary interaction related with the field, and uses the knowledge and skills obtained to generate solutions against possible problems encountered in the interdiciplinary team works.
    14 Uses the modern devices and techniques for the biology applications, and transfers the knowledge related with this topic.
    15 Publishes a scientific article related with the biology field in a national and/or international peer-reviewed journal.
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