Bologna Information System

  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Nu Program Learning Outcomes
    1 To gain competence in analyzing and following banking practices and financial markets.
    2 To gain competence in practicing financial markets and the techniques through team work.
    3 To analyse the validity of the theories on banking and finance with regard to current financial conditions.
    4 To gain knowledge on the legal aspects of the financial markets and establishments.
    5 To gain competence in evaluating the financial administration of the related institution in detail and in assuming responsibility of every kind on this.
    6 To gain detailed knowledge with regard to the numerical methods used extensively in banking and finance.
    7 To gain competence on data gathering, analysing and evaluating through the theoretical and practical information gained in the field.
    8 To gain competence in establishing, analysing and evaluating financial and economic models.
    9 To analyse the problems in banking and finance, find solutions to these problems and openly express and discuss the ideas and proposals.
    10 To act in accordance with scientific, social and ethic values during the process of gaining, analyzing, publishing financial information and process of practicing the financial ideas.
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