Bologna Information System

  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Nu Program Learning Outcomes
    1 Have knowledge about the development, concepts, models and theories of international trade.
    2 Have knowledge of reaching the statistical data subject to international trade and making statistical analysis of them.
    3 Gains the ability of understanding and interpreting developments in national and international economy, logistics, marketing, finance and business.
    4 Through the acquired knowledge and skills have a researcher and interrogatory structure in order to continuously develop in accordance with market conditions.
    5 Have knowledge about basic methods used in accounting and their applications in business world.
    6 Have knowledge of foreign language at an effective communication level.
    7 Have basic theoretical and practical knowledge that an administrator should possess.
    8 Have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide effective management of goods and capital movements of international enterprises.
    9 Have information about internationalization processes of international organizations, organizational structures and activities.
    10 Possess sufficient level of legal knowledge, which is necessary both for the public and for the highly skilled occupations that the private sector needs.
    11 Through the acquired features that can predict the risks that he / she may encounter in business life with the skills he earns and produce solutions to these obstacles.
    12 Have necessary knowledge about export and import transactions.
    13 Adopt the priority of innovation and constant development.
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