Bologna Information System

  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Nu Program Learning Outcomes
    1 Recognizing and comprehending the terms and concepts (Turkish and foreign) regarding information and records management
    2 Provision of sensitivity training for social, economic and cultural changes with ability of making analysis in terms of professional perspective.
    3 To be aware of problems regarding discipline through assessment, and critical thinking and finally, create solutions.
    4 Improving the ability and capacity of systematic thinking
    5 Developing an interdisciplinary perspective and evaluation.
    6 Establishing programs leads to information awareness in the society meeting following requirements: enable individuals describe their needs of information and improve ability to find out and evaluate information for themselves.
    7 Building foundations that is required for information retrieval selectively and comprehend related techniques and methods
    8 Evaluating information retrieval process in national and international information systems
    9 Recognizing a variety of information sources (general and special) regarding all subject areas according to types and contents
    10 Gaining the ability to read and evaluate records and sources in Ottoman language
    11 Communicating with reel and potential users
    12 Foundations of conceptual knowledge of services with respect to types of information centers and their users
    13 Gaining the ability to use techniques required for organization of information
    14 Recognizing products, systems and models related with information and communication technologies and enhancing use of them.
    15 Gaining the ability to measure the quality of digital knowledge by various disciplines and evaluate information services.
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