Bologna Information System

  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Nu Program Learning Outcomes
    1 To build a new skills and knowledge on undergraduate
    2 To use the data in interdisciplinary and professional works.
    3 To transfer knowledge in interdisciplinary studies
    4 To win the knowledge and skills that will make someone successful in academic career
    5 To get skills to work in interdisciplinary teams.
    6 To get skills for solving and evaluating a problem
    7 Must be able to evaluate quality process and develop managing plans.
    8 To have knowledge about entrepreneurship and innovation issues.
    9 To reach the actual scientific knowledge by using communication and computer technologies.
    10 To transfer the knowledge about the aggriculture and life sciences by using modern techniques and equipments
    11 To have advanced oral and written communication skills
    12 To communicate and follow literature about Aggriculture and nature sciences by using a foreign language.
    13 To behave professionally and obey ethic values about vocational issues.
    14 To gain awareness and ability on environment and natural resources protection and to inform the public on these issues
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