Bologna Information System

  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Nu Program Learning Outcomes
    1 Lays the groundwork for doctorate which comes true advanced level about scientific study field.
    2 Improves the knowledge with graduate study that have in undergraduate study.
    3 Uses the scientific and technological opportunity related to the geography and follows the innovations
    4 Knows the occurance of geography as a science and plans the studies suitable for feature of process.
    5 Reaches the source of information of geography and uses this source effectively.
    6 Does the scientific research about the geographical subjects and attends to various project related with study field.
    7 Knows and uses the scientific research methods of geography.
    8 Studies within the framework of scientific moral and ethic.
    9 Attends the interdisciplinary studies and combines the knowledge about study field with other discipline.
    10 Follows the foreing literature and improves yourself to get in touch with colleagues and foundation in other countries.
    11 Improves the theoretical and practical knowledge about historical geography and attends the studies about this subject.
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