Bologna Information System

  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Nu Program Learning Outcomes
    1 Specialized on one or more subject from landscape planning, design, repair, management and plant material.
    2 Investigates literatures associated with areas of expertise, identifies problems related to the study area, develops solutions with the ability to think analytically.
    3 Makes a scientific study independently related to the expertise area, provides original contribute to theoretical and practical works.
    4 Makes analysis, synthesis, and interpretation with the social and ethical responsibility using scientific methods related to the expertise area.
    5 Conducts a study in expertise areas, prepares written, oral and visual in scientific format and presents in national and international platforms.
    6 Uses advanced software technologies in the expertise area.
    7 Understands the interaction between disciplines related to expertise areas, uses problem-solving and practical skills in interdisciplinary studies.
    8 Makes contact with other specialist by following scientific and professional developments in the international meeting and collaborates with them.
    9 Improves itself by adopting life long learning in the subject of expertise areas.
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