Bologna Information System

  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Nu Program Learning Outcomes
    1 Graduates have expert level theoretical and practical professional knowledge and they keep developing it.
    2 Graduates, either as an individual or as a team member, are able to identify problems in the field of information management, create solutions and realize these solutions.
    3 Graduates analyzes the problems correctly by providing sensitivity to social, economic and cultural changes and develops a professional perspective in this context.
    4 Graduates are knowledgeable about scientific research methods and techniques in advanced level.
    5 Graduates makes scientific research and projects that contribute to the literature by obtaining the skills of analysis, interpretation and evaluation in the field of information and document management.
    6 Graduates comply with social, scientific and ethical codes at all stages of research they carry out in the field. They use their knowledge and skills to contribute to the society and science.
    7 Graduates have the ability to lead learning orientation and to make critical evaluation on knowledge and skills in the field of information management.
    8 Graduates have the ability to pursue, evaluate and interpret developments in the field of information management nationally and internationally.
    9 Graduates attend the interdisciplinary studies and combine the knowledge about study field with other discipline, and use them effectively.
    10 Graduates get in touch with national and foriegn researcher or organizations and aims to improve the knowledge and etiquette worldwide.
    11 Graduates can improve the ability and capacity of systematic thinking.
    12 Graduates are capable of communicating research results orally, visually and textually.
    13 Graduates recognize products, systems and models related with information and communication technologies and enhancing use of them.
    14 Graduates improve the knowledge with graduate study that have in undergraduate study.
    15 Graduates lay the groundwork for doctorate which comes true advanced level about scientific study field.
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