Bologna Information System

  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Nu Program Learning Outcomes
    1 Must learn the methods of both improving the basic sciences and engineering knowledge and obtaining new knowledges at a level of expertise
    2 Must be able to design, develop, and apply methods and experiments at advanced level to solve forestry problems, and analyses and interpret their results
    3 Must be able to provide solutions for the country?s forestry and environmental problems by considering global, public and ecosystem conditions
    4 Must be able to setup interdisciplinary approach to reach an advanced solution for forestry problems
    5 Must be able to act in an advanced level of professional ethics and responsibility during the identification and resolution of problems encountered in forestry
    6 Must be able to do the task in a single or multi-disciplinary working groups, and be able to show effective communication
    7 Must have the ability to effective use of both information technologies and a foreign language at an advanced level
    8 Must be able to describe, foresee and solve the current problems in the fields of forestry and other related problems at advanced level brought by current global developments
    9 Must be able to use the tools and techniques required for forestry applications at an advanced level
    10 Must be able to think, interpret, analyse and synthesize forestry practices at an advanced level by using a three dimensional perspective
    11 Must be able to research and survey any kinds of natural resources and event, and write advanced reliable reports by using the achieved findings
    12 Must be able to understand the necessity of life-long learning at an advanced level, and to be able to use the methods that keeps obtained knowledge up date
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