Bologna Information System

  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Nu Program Learning Outcomes
    1 To understand and apply basic sciences, mathematics and engineering sciences in advanced level.
    2 To reach the knowledge and recent developments on chemical engineering thoroughly by making high level researches and to evaluate, interperete and apply the information reached.
    3 To make critical analyse, synthesis and evaluation of ideas and developments on profession.
    4 To perform a comprehensive study which puts a new face to science and technology, develops a scientific method and/or technological product/process or applies a known method to a new field.
    5 To perceive, design and apply an unique research process independently and to finalize by leading the process.
    6 To be able to lead in multidisciplinary teams and improve solutions in complex situation, to work independently and take responsibility.
    7 To be able to communicate by orally and written with people working in common profession as well as wider scientific and social communities.
    8 To use English skills at least in European Language Portfolio C1 level for the purpose of orally, written and visual skills and discussions.
    9 To contribute to the scientific and technological literature by publishing the outputs of academic studies in respectable academic communities.
    10 To evaluate the scientific, technological, social and cultural improvements and to transfer the knowledge to society objectively with ethical responsibility.
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