Bologna Information System

  • Admission Requirements
    1.          Barchelor degree.

    2.        To take at least 55 scores that provided more than threeyears before the date of graduate exam from numeric section of the GraduateEducation Entrance Examination (ALES).

    3.        To take at least 50 scores from Foreign Language ProficiencyExam (YDS) or other language exams that is accepted equivalent YDS  or from the foreign language exam that made byÇankırı Karatekin University. Besides, scores that obtained from language examssuch as TOEFL, etc. are evaluated according to Çankırı Karatekin UniversityGraduate Education Regulations.

    4.    Studentadmission and application are published in the internet address of Institute of Sciencerequirements before the start of academic year

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