Bologna Information System

  • Admission Requirements
  • 1. Master`s Degree in acceptable fields,
    2. A minimum Master`s  grade pointaverage has to be at least 75 points out of 100,
    3. Have to receive at least 60 standard points from the National AcademicStaff & Graduate Education Exam (ALES) in acceptable fields and date of theexamination shall be not more than 3 years,
    4. Interuniversity Board of Foreign Language Examination(UDS), Public Service of Foreign Language Placement Exam (KPDS) exam from oneof at least 55 points (all fields apply), or must be taken at least 55 pointsfrom language exam conducted by the university, or be considered successful asa result of assessment of the obtained points from language tests TOEFL and anyother exam accepted by according the University Regulation on GraduateEducation.

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