Bologna Information System

  • Assessment and Grading
  • Exams are quizzes, midterm exam,final exam, make-up exams, practice exam, make-up examination, the additionalexam and exemption exam. Exams can be written, oral, or both written and oral,and / or can be done in practice. At least one midterm exam and one final examare made for each course in the relevant semester.  The projects, assignments, short quizzes,laboratories, workshops, application, and similar studies can be accepted asmidterm exam for a lesson. The final grade is numerically evaluated over 100points. For the determination of the passing grade if there is a midterm exam, itseffect on the final grade is %40. If there are more than one midterm exam orother activities, their total effect on the final grade is not less than %40and more than %70. The total effect of the final exam can not be less than 30%in any case.

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