• Mision
  • In line with basic health services, pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal processes in human, women, pregnant, mother and newborn is equipped with the knowledge and skills to serve in all areas, focused on the protection, development and maintenance of health, adopts the midwifery philosophy and ethical values is to train self-esteemed midwives who are competent, universal and culturally respectful, contemporary, discreet health professionals and educators who carry out holistic care, education, research, management and leadership roles effectively and effectively and guide the future of the profession through approaches and methods based on science and technology. 

  • Vision
  • It is to be a department which is leading the professional development based on science and technology in contemporary midwifery education and which is accepted as competence, constitutes a model in the formation and development of our country`s health policies, transforms knowledge into value, grows graduates in national and international standards and is proud of being a student.

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