• Mision
  • The mission of Çankırı Karatekin University Faculty of Islamic Sciences; As an institution where High Religious Education is given, to create an educational environment that respects the freedom of contemporary, democratic, human rights and beliefs, To educate the students who can give qualified religious education services with the ideal of learning and teaching the correct religious information, integrated with the national and spiritual values ​​of society, sensitive to universal principles, Researching Islamic sciences and Islamic culture and civilization accumulations, To promote the national and international values ​​of our national, spiritual and cultural values ​​and to increase social awareness at this point To develop effective solutions to individual and social needs and problems and to use religious sentiments and sensitivity points effectively, To investigate the religious issues exploited by corruption and excess and to establish the necessary infrastructure to realize the ideal of conveying truths to people, The accumulation that it has is to share in the international academic and scientific fields as well as in the national subclause. It is to cooperate with the public institutions and non-governmental organizations by developing the fields of information sharing.

  • Vision
  • The Qur`an and the Sunnah, and to develop an individual and social consciousness at this point, In the academic and scientific format, which offers messages for this day with maximum benefit from the accumulation of Islamic culture and civilization, The individual field adopts Islamic consciousness and consciousness, assimilates, shows living as a living example to its surroundings, The co-existence of living and understanding, which is needed in the social field, It is sensitive to the world and the environment it lives in and contributes to the development of the right perspective with its knowledge and experience, Scientific ethics and responsibility in a true sense to assimilate the environment surrounding this, Knowing the values ​​and possibilities that it has and knowing its responsibilities towards its belief, culture and history, Islamic Sciences is to be a pioneering faculty with the education of the most beautiful and righteous, knowledgeable, primitive and universal qualities, with a generation.

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