• Mision
  • Mission of the Office Managementand Executive Assistants Program; To educate creative people who can thinkcontemporary, think scientifically, contribute to the development of society.In order to realize this mission, it is aimed to keep the program up-to-dateand raise it to international standards by taking into consideration the needsof the rapidly changing and developing business world, communication and worldintegration.

  • Vision
  • The vision of the OfficeManagement and Executive Assistants Program is; He is responsible foreverything he represents, has the equipment that will not be able to look forhis manager, who is renewing himself in the world that is changing anddeveloping due to digitalization, globalizing and follower of informationtechnologies, to provide the service needed by the public / private sector, Toincrease the importance and indispensability of executive assistants who canapply what they know, and to ensure the renewal of the program with itscompliance with world standards.


    In addition, the program is towork as a part of an organization that constantly learns and develops withinthe framework of the requirements of the era, and in this direction, toprogress in the philosophy of filling the trained and qualified workforce gaprequired in our country, and training intermediate staff with the qualities andqualities that meet the requirements of the age


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