• Program Learning Outcomes
  • Nu Program Learning Outcomes
    1 1.Society of healthy individuals or patients with nursing care needs of the changing situations detection, planning, implementation and evaluation of the results uses the nursing process.
    2 2.Necessary to improve the level of community health nursing education, management, implementation, consulting, and takes an active role in research.
    3 3.The computer can use information and communication Technologies, statistics required by the profession.
    4 4.Social aspects, communication, critical thinking, academic and research skills, creativity and entrepreneurship, combining the profession applies.
    5 5.Scientific knowledge in the field of health, innovation and developments in sufficient foreign language to use to monitor and improve knowledge and skills
    6 6.The values and practices of professional ethics knows and nursing care in accordance with the values performs
    7 7.Professional communication and interpersonal relations skills in using the therapeutic patient / healthy individuals, families, and team members establishes effectively communicate.
    8 8.Selecting the appropriate technical means and equipment for nursing practice, and has the ability to use.
    9 9.Nursing services, knowledge-based rational, effective written and oral expression skills systematically uses to substantiate.
    10 10.The health of people and all kinds of human bio-psycho-social-cultural affect change and development is sensitive, holistic approach takes into account the health care service.
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