• Program Learning Outcomes
  • Nu Program Learning Outcomes
    1 Gains the competency to explain the relation between theories, methods, concepts and concepts related to art and design.
    2 Gains the competency to solve the problems encountered in art and design production process and to bring new suggestions.
    3 Gets the knowledge about contemporary art understanding.
    4 Participates in team work composed of different disciplines and utilizes discipline knowledge.
    5 Evaluates artistic works at national and international level.
    6 Follows the developments in his discipline, gains the ability to be open to innovation and development.
    7 Interprets artworks critically.
    8 Becomes competent to be able to explain visual and written resources, professional terminology and concepts in the discipline of specialization.
    9 Gains the ability to present the information he / she obtained in the discipline of expertise.
    10 Gains the ability to plan and manages the applied studies.
    11 Gains the ability to use and transfer the theories of art and design to others which he / she has gained in the discipline.
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