• Program Learning Outcomes
  • Nu Program Learning Outcomes
    1 Has the ability to recognize the basic concepts of midwifery education, to understand its importance, to formulate, to solve and to apply the knowledge acquired throughout life.
    2 Understands the legislation, ethics, principles and standards of the profession and makes its applications in this direction.
    3 Has the knowledge and skills to carry out follow-up and services to ensure the protection, maintenance and improvement of health. It develops its practices in a culture-sensitive manner in the light of current scientific evidence, technological developments and current health policies.
    4 Continues continuous education activities in the fields before and after graduation, participates in research, takes part in projects and works for the implementation of evidence-based research.
    5 Has the ability of interdisciplinary teamwork and performs effective written / oral communication / presentation skills.
    6 Has the knowledge and skills to serve in line with holistic approach to women, newborn, children and family.
    7 Provides health education - services and counseling to women, families and communities to support positive parenting.
    8 It provides safe conditions during pregnancy, labor and delivery processes, gives birth under its own responsibility, manages emergency and risky situations and takes appropriate approaches.
    9 Has the knowledge and skills to offer individualized care in accordance with national laws, regulations and procedures in case of termination or loss of pregnancy.
    10 It provides qualified care for normal and risky postnatal women, newborns and family adaptation.
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