• Program Learning Outcomes
  • Nu Program Learning Outcomes
    1 Based on the competencies of the doctorate, to develop and deepen the current and advanced knowledge in the field with original thinking and research at the level of expertise and to reach original definitions that will bring innovation to science.
    2 Understanding the interaction between the disciplines related to the field of chemistry; to achieve original results by using expertise in analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating new and complex ideas.
    3 To reach new scientific knowledge in the field of chemistry and to gain high level skills in research methods related to the field.
    4 To be able to develop a new scientific method in the field of chemistry or to apply a known method to a different problem.
    5 To be able to research, comprehend, design, adapt and apply an original subject.
    6 To be able to question, synthesize and evaluate new and complex ideas.
    7 Publishing original studies in peer-reviewed journals.
    8 To be able to develop original ideas and methods related to the field and interdisciplinary by using high level mental processes such as creative and questioning thinking, problem solving and decision making
    9 To be able to present their original views effectively in a professional community.
    10 To be able to communicate and discuss in at least one foreign language at an advanced level, written, oral and visual.
    11 To contribute to the process of becoming an information society by introducing technological advances in academic and professional contexts.
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