• Admission Requirements
  • Students who wish to enroll in the undergraduate programs atour university must get a dam score from the Student Selection Exam held by theMeasurement Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) and be successful in the SpecialAbility Exam.


    For Foreign Students; In accordance with the principles setout by the Presidency of the Higher Education Council and specified in theStudent Acceptance and Registration Directive of our University and consideringthe students` preferences and program quotas, the placement process is made bythe Foreign Student Admission and Placement Committee (ÇAKÜYÖS). Candidatesentering are given priority. In case there is a quota in our university;foreign students are made by other Universities in Turkey Foreign AdmissionsExam results certificate or document showing the average secondary Noteconsidering Foreign Student Admissions and Placement of insertion process iscarried out by the Commission.

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