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  • Course Title Code Semester Laboratory+Practice (Hour) Pool Type ECTS
    System Analysis And Design I CMT207 FALL 1+1 C 2
    Learning Outcomes
    1-Developments in the profession will follow.
    2- Uses profession the computer.
    3-Reads scheme , implements activated.
    4-Understand the definition of the business units of the upper and reviews, transfers sub-units.
    5-Makes the business organization.
    6-Advanced technology for particular applications and makes suggestions to the bottom.
    7-Knows the importance of teamwork.
    8-Takes responsibility and risk.
  • ActivityPercentage


    NumberTime (Hours)Total Workload (hours)
    Course Duration (Weeks x Course Hours)14228
    Classroom study (Pre-study, practice)14114
    Short-Term Exams (exam + preparation) 0000
    Midterm exams (exam + preparation)4011010
    Laboratory 0000
    Final exam (exam + preparation) 6011010
    Other 0000
    Total Workload (hours)   62
    Total Workload (hours) / 30 (s)     2,07 ---- (2)
    ECTS Credit   2
  • Course Content
  • Week Topics Study Metarials
    1 Project description and preliminary assumptions
    2 Sufficient appropriate information
    3 Logical and practical approach to problem solving
    4 Current techniques
    5 Advice and information to support the opening show cause
    6 Preparation of the working file
    7 Organization of project
    8 Midterm exams
    9 Mid-term exam
    10 Appropriate equipment and components in order to ensure the functional efficiency
    11 Cost analysis of the project
    12 Preparation of the project file
    13 Written presentation
    14 Visual presentation
    15 Final exam
    Prerequisites -
    Language of Instruction Turkish
    Coordinator -

    1-)Öğretim Görevlisi Emre Özdemirci

    Assistants -
    Resources -
    Supplementary Book -
    Goals -
    Content -
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