• Course Information
  • Course Title Code Semester Laboratory+Practice (Hour) Pool Type ECTS
    Learning Outcomes
    1-Understand the meaning and importance of organizational behavior and life.
    2-Understands the importance of organizational culture, beliefs, climate and moral issues.
    3-Define the principles of leadership and team management in organizations.
    4-Absenteeism in organizations, workplace physical problems solutions.
    5-Define the concepts of organizational stress.
    6-Comment on technological developments and future of organizations.
    7-Understands corporate culture.
  • ActivityPercentage


    NumberTime (Hours)Total Workload (hours)
    Course Duration (Weeks x Course Hours)14228
    Classroom study (Pre-study, practice)14114
    Short-Term Exams (exam + preparation) 0000
    Midterm exams (exam + preparation)4011010
    Laboratory 0000
    Final exam (exam + preparation) 6012020
    Other 0000
    Total Workload (hours)   72
    Total Workload (hours) / 30 (s)     2,4 ---- (2)
    ECTS Credit   2
  • Course Content
  • Week Topics Study Metarials
    1 Scientific Foundations of Organizational Behavior K1. Part 1
    2 Organization Individual and Personality K1. Part 1
    3 Attitudes and Job Satisfaction K1. Part 4
    4 Skills and Learning K1. Part 2
    5 Organization culture K1. Part 9
    6 Groups and Teamwork in Organizations K1. Part 6
    7 Conflict in Organizations K1. Part 8
    8 Midterm exams
    9 Leadership in Organizations K1. Part 7
    10 Leadership in Organizations- Types of Leadership K1. Part 7
    11 Organizational Change K1. Part 9
    12 Stress and Management in Organizations K1. Part 10
    13 Organizational commitment K1. Part 3
    14 Power and Politics in Organizations K1. Part 8
    15 Ethical Behavior and Management in Organizations K1. Part 11
    Prerequisites -
    Language of Instruction Turkish
    Coordinator Öğr.Gör. Aslı ÖZTÜRK
    Instructors -
    Assistants -
    Resources K1. Erkutlu, V. (2019). Örgütsel Psikolojiye Giriş. Ankara: Akademisyen Yayınevi.
    Supplementary Book YK1. Eren, E. (2012). Örgütsel Davranış ve Yönetim Psikolojisi. Bursa: Beta Yayıncılık.
    Goals The aim of this course is to provide a perspective for understanding the behavior of people working in an organization, making predictions for the future and controlling people`s behavior.
    Content Behavior Plan, Behavior Plane, Social Status and Role Behaviors, Culture Concept, Organizational Culture, Beliefs and Attitudes, Personality Factor in Personality and Personality Organization, Perception and Learning Theories, Motivation Concept
  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Program Learning Outcomes Level of Contribution
    1 Have good knowledge of Turkish language usage. Reads, understands, prepares and presents Turkish official and technical documents. -
    2 Use foreign language correctly. Reads and understands the technical documents written in a foreign language required by his / her professional field and establishes written and oral communication using the foreign language required by his / her field. -
    3 Uses office technologies and computer programs effectively for different purposes. -
    4 Republic of Turkey wins accurate information about the history and the Kemalist thought; Thinks in line with Atatürk`s principles and revolutions. -
    5 Makes the basic mathematical and scientific calculations required by the professional field. -
    6 Uses the ability to communicate effectively with the manager, employees and the environment. 3
    7 Do the correspondence of the office and the manager. -
    8 Performs the filing system according to the technique. -
    9 Be polite in making appointments and accepting visitors. -
    10 Knows the rules of protocol to be followed in his office and applies them. -
    11 Assists the manager in the management and organization of the office. 5
    12 Recognize the basic concepts and documents related to accounting. -
    13 Acts in accordance with total quality understanding, makes teamwork. 3
    14 Learn the basic concepts of law, have basic knowledge of law. -
    15 Learns the basic concepts of business management. -
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