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    The Principles And Reforms Of Kemal Ataturk I ATA101 FALL 2+0 University C 2
    Learning Outcomes
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    NumberTime (Hours)Total Workload (hours)
    Course Duration (Weeks x Course Hours)14228
    Classroom study (Pre-study, practice)236
    Short-Term Exams (exam + preparation) 0236
    Midterm exams (exam + preparation)40155
    Laboratory 0224
    Final exam (exam + preparation) 60155
    Other 0000
    Total Workload (hours)   68
    Total Workload (hours) / 30 (s)     2,27 ---- (2)
    ECTS Credit   2
  • Course Content
  • Week Topics Study Metarials
    1 the goal sources of Turkish revolution history
    2 the domestic and foreign events for Ottoman decline
    3 the reform and intellectual movements of Ottoman Empire
    4 Italo-Turkish War, Balkan War, the Great War
    5 The Mudros Armistice and reactions to it
    6 The life and character of Mustafa Kemal, Amasya Circular
    7 The Sivas and Erzurum congresses
    8 Midterm exams
    9 Midterm exams
    10 Mid Term exam
    11 the opening and structure of National Parliament, first costution
    12 the national fronts
    13 the İnonü Wars, The London Congress
    14 the foreign policy during national struggle. The fiscal sources during the National Struggle
    15 The signing of the Lausanne Peace Treaty.
    Prerequisites -
    Language of Instruction Turkish
    Coordinator -

    1-)Dr.öğr.gör. Ebubekir Keklik

    2-)Öğretim Görevlisi Engin Deniz

    3-)Öğretim Görevlisi İsmail Kalaycı

    4-)Öğretim Görevlisi İsa Yıldırım

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