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  • Course Title Code Semester Laboratory+Practice (Hour) Pool Type ECTS
    Home Devices II CCT203 FALL 2+0 C 3
    Learning Outcomes
    1-Recognize the types of washing and dishwashers available on the market.
    2-Recognize parts of washing and dishwashing machines
    3-Makes the installation of washing and dishwashing machines
    4-Eliminates electrical faults in washing and dishwashing machines.
    5-Eliminates mechanical failures in washing and dishwashing machines.
    Prerequisites -
    Language of Instruction Turkish
    Coordinator Lec. Murat ALTUN

    1-)Öğretim Görevlisi Murat Altun

    Assistants -
    Resources Home Appliances II Lecture Notes Lec Murat ALTUN
    Supplementary Book -
    Goals Recognition of the working principles and components of washing and dishwashing machines, assembly and disassembly, reading of electrical circuit diagrams, detection and elimination of possible failures
    Content Usage and properties of washing machines. Components of washing machines. Assembly and disassembly of washing machines. Possible failures and solutions of washing machines. Electrical circuit diagrams of washing machines. Fault code definitions of washing machines Measuring the components of washing machines via the control panel. Usage and characteristics of the dishwashers. Components of the dishwashers. Assembly and disassembly of dishwashers. Possible failures and solutions of dishwashers. Electrical circuit diagrams of dishwashers Fault code definitions of dishwashers. Measuring the components of the dishwashers via the control panel
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