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    Math II MAT162 SPRING 2+2 Fac./ Uni. S 5
    Learning Outcomes
    1-Uses the graphs of functions
    2-Solves optimization problems
    3-Computes indefinite and definite integrals of a function of a single variable, area and volume with definite integral
    Prerequisites -
    Language of Instruction Turkish
    Coordinator Associate Prof. Dr. Gonca DURMAZ
    Instructors -
    Assistants -
    Resources 1) Lecture notes 2) Genel Matematik, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Balcı, Palme Yayıncılık, 2016. 3) Temel Matematik, Doç.Dr.Basri Çelik, Prof.Dr.İsmail Naci Cangül, Yrd.Doç.Dr.Nisa Çelik, Doç.Dr.Osman Bizim, Doç.Dr.Metin Öztürk, Dora Basım-Yayın, 2010
    Supplementary Book 1) Calculus and its applications 10th Ed., M.L.Bittinger, D.J.Ellenbogen, S.A.Surgent, Addison-Wesley, 2012 2) Thomas Calculus 11th Ed., G.Thomas, M.Weir, J.Hass, F.Giordano, Pearson, 2004 3) Schaum`s Outline of Theory and Problems ofDifferential and İntegral Calculus, F.Ayres, E.Mendelson, McGraw Hill, 1990
    Goals Teaches the basic mathematical notions and subjects that are necessary for a student to solve the mathematical problems of his area
    Content Mean value theorem, increasing and decreasing functions, Extremum values, first derivative test, concavity and inflection points, second derivative test, L`hospital rule, Asymptotes and sketching graphs, Optimization problems, related rates, indefinite integral, basic integral formulas, technics for computing indefinite integrals, integration by changing variables, integration by parts, integrals of rational functions, the definite integral and its properties, Mean value theorem for integrals, area under the curves, volumes of solids of revolution, Functions in multivariables, partial dervatives.
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