• Course Content
  • Week Topics Study Metarials
    1 Social, Economic and Political Structure of Pre-Isamic Arabs To attend the course by reading the related topics and disscuss.
    2 Thought of God and Religion in Arabs before the Prophet
    3 Prophet?s Life before Islam
    4 The First Revelation and the First Muslims
    5 His Open Announcements
    6 Reactions of Unbelievers in Mecca
    7 Travels to Ethiopia
    8 Midterm exams
    9 Travels to Ethiopia
    10 Battles of Uhud, Badr and Khandaq
    11 The Conquest of Mecca and the Death of the Prophet
    12 The period of Caliph Abu Bakr
    13 The period of Caliph Omar
    14 The period of Caliph Osman
    15 The period of Caliph Ali
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