• Course Content
  • Week Topics Study Metarials
    1 Electric Circuit, current and voltage, resistance, structure and types K1-Chapter-1
    2 Ohm`s Law, Kirchhoff`s Laws, Resistance Connections K1-Chapter-4
    3 Circuit solution by environmental currents K1-Chapter-4, K3-Chapter-3
    4 Circuit solution with node voltages method K1-Chapter-4, K3-Chapter-3
    5 Thevenin and Norton theorems, Star-triangle transformations K3-Chapter-5
    6 Basic semiconductor concept, structure of diode and direct and inverse polarization K2-Chapter-2
    7 Diode types, Rectifiers, Trimmers K2-Chapter-3
    8 Midterm exams
    9 Transistors and types of transistors, Polarization and stability control of transistors K2-Chapter-4
    10 Characteristics of transistors, DC analysis of transistors K2-Chapter-4
    11 Small Signal Amplifiers K2-Chapter-5
    12 Opamp features K2-Chapter-8
    13 Opamp Applications K2-Chapter-8
    14 Semiconductor materials used in industry K2-Chapter-6
    15 Circuit design with semiconductor components K2-Chapter-7
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