• Course Content
  • Week Topics Study Metarials
    1 Introduction to the Course
    2 Concept of Peace, Peace Science, Peace Paradigm
    3 Power Use and Peace, Realism, State, Power, War
    4 Anarchy, International System, Neo-realism and Criticism
    5 World Order and Peace, Liberal Institutionalism, International Cooperation, International Law
    6 World Order, United Nations, Peacekeeping, Peace Building
    7 Structuralism, Intervention Norms, Postwar Peace
    8 Midterm exams
    9 Paradigms, Theories of Change, Peace and You, Relational Transformation
    10 Communication, Conflict Resolution and Peace, Mediation, Negotiation
    11 Second Track Diplomacy, Communication, Alternative Intervention Techniques
    12 Nonviolence and Peace, Massive Actions, Other Power Use Techniques
    13 Peace Through Personal and Relational Transformation
    14 Transformation of Individuals and Society, Civil Society Actors
    15 Peace Workshop
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