• Course Content
  • Week Topics Study Metarials
    1 Recognizing and writing complete sentences, common paragraph features, identifying the topic of a paragraph, identifying strong and weak paragraph K1-Unit 1
    2 Identifying topics and main ideas, writing topic sentences, combining sentences using and and but K1-Unit 2
    3 Developing paragraphs with descriptive details, learning to edit lists, writing about places, combining sentences containing adjectives K1-Unit 3
    4 Using word maps to brainstorm, writing concluding sentences, using free writing to brainstorm, review of paragraph contents K1-Unit 4
    5 Opinions and examples in supporting sentences, using discussion to brainstorm, paragraphs explaining cause and effect / result, combining sentences with so and because K1-Unit 5
    6 Expressing personal feelings about problems, logical order of supporting sentences K1-Unit 6
    7 Editing lists by ordering ideas logically K1-Unit 7
    8 Writing about problems and difficulties K1-Unit 8
    9 Using time expressions: after, before, and when, identifying the main parts of a narrative, ordering events in a narrative logically K1-Unit 9
    10 Using whereas and however to make comparisons K1-Unit 10
    11 Organizing a comparison paragraph, comparing different situations / events, writing about life changes K1-Unit 11
    12 Writing about causes and effect relationships, beginning paragraph with a question, writing about a difficult decision K1-Unit 12
    13 Writing about hopes and plans for the future, review of brainstorming techniques K1-Unit 13
    14 Review of transition expressions, writing about the future K1-Unit 14
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